We invite You to visit of Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. stand E.06 | РОНКТД

We invite You to visit of Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. stand E.06


We invite You to visit of Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. stand E.06

We invite You to visit of Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. stand E.06

The company will present:

HS900L Portable Electromagnetic (EMAT) Low Frequency Guide Wave Long Range Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

-Electromagnetic guided wave, no need Polishing and coupling

-Far transmission distance, up to 300 meters, high efficiency of detection

- Apply to specific wire rope, rebar, and screw thread steel for long distance corrosion detection;

- Integrated design, light weight, small size, easy to carry, nice appearance, combining display data and acquisition;

- Small attenuation, transmitting distance up to 300 m;

- One-way detection distance up to 50~150, high efficiency of detection, Directional emission (positive and reverse, two-way),no need coupling agent;

- Single receiving channel with functions of direction control using 2 way emissions to control the direction of electromagnetic ultrasonic testing;

- The functions of directional transmission (positive and reverse, two-way)

- Image intuitive and easy to learn and use;

- The function of dispersion curve of ultrasonic guided wave mode selection.

- The functions of 64 order for echo signal digital filter and wavelet de-noising, digital average and the de-noising process does not affect the wave height and accuracy;

- The function of an automatic calibration guided wave velocity.

- The functions of storing all data records and data analysis on instrument or on computer;

- The connecting cable between instrument and probe adopts double shield structure, which makes stronger anti-interference ability;

HS-F1 Electromagnetic (EMAT) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

- Innovative development of non-contact thickness measurement instrument (probe suspended), to subvert the traditional.

- HD TFT color high resolution screen display, without glare effect.

- Small body, function, waveform, measurement results at a glance.

- The measurement accuracy is higher than that of the conventional longitudinal wave thickness measurement, and the measurement is more relaxed by using the method of transverse wave vertical incidence.

- Electromagnetic method to excite the ultrasonic wave, the work-piece is the source of the ultrasonic wave, not affected by the angle, the measurement results and the probe zero bias is not related, the measurement accuracy is higher.

- The probe can be lifted, and the thickness of the rough work-piece with the oxide skin and the paint layer can be measured.

- In testing, do not need coupling agent, no impact on the environment, reduce human and material resources and financial resources.

- Large temperature range, high temperature environment, the use of large thickness measurement, and no high temperature coupling agent, such as high value of the material consumption, low cost.

HS616e Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Hold the peak and peak time

Calculate the equivalent diameter of defects

Measure the defect height with diffraction signal of defect tips

Record and replay the dynamic testing waveform

Locating defect with surface distance, depth, and sound path

Sizing the defect with SL value

Record the envelops waveform of defect to ease evaluating

Correcting the error caused by coved face

Real time gain compensation with penetrate time

Display the defect location in weld saw section

B-scan display

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