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NDT Territory-2014 exhibition. Post-event press release

NDT Territory-2014 exhibition. Post-release

The NDT Territory-2014 exhibition and 20th RSNTTD Russian National Conference on NDT became, definitely, the most expected and important event in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics in Russia over the past few years.

The exhibition and its business program was attended by more than 100 leading Russian and foreign companies including developers and equipment suppliers, service companies, training and certification centers, 13 specialized editions, national societies for non-destructive testing from 10 countries, the Russian Welding Society, and Moscow Interdisciplinary Alliance of Chief Welders.

More than 2,500 people from Russia, near-abroad countries, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, China, Britain, France, Serbia, attracted by the strong membership of exhibitors and substantive business programs, have attended NDT Territory-2014 exhibition in Moscow. Most of the exhibitors have noticed the relevant structure and high professional level of visitors.

The RSNTTD Conference and NDT Territory-2014 exhibition were held on March 4-6, in Expocenter, on an area over 7000 sq. m. NDT Territory exhibition was first organized and held by the Russian Society for Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics, which significantly allowed to reduce the cost of participation and expand the scope of the business program.

The roundtables held on topical issues of the application of NDT in various industries - aviation and space, energy, rail transport, housing and construction, oil and gas, technical diagnostics. According to the moderators, more than 400 specialists participated in the roundtables. Participants noted the high practical importance of the topics, as well as the successful format of the event with possible discussion on current issues.

In preparation for the exhibition, the Best innovation in NDT competition was organized. The system of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) ARGOVISION, presented by LLC Moscow Research and Production Association "Spectrum", won the competition.

OLYMPUS won the competition for the Best Stand. The jury, consisting of a representative of the RSNTTD Directorate, President of Kazakhstan Association of NDT, Editors in chief of Control.Diagnostics, NDT World and Insight magazines, made a decision.

Awarding of the Best professional competition winners went the same time with the closing ceremony of the exhibition. The competition was on eight NDT method in 12 regional centers across Russia. About 300 experts from more than 100 organizations attended it.

See the photo gallery of NDT Territory-2014 exhibition http://expo.ronktd.ru/eng/press/gallery/

Parallel to NDT Territory-2014 there was the 20th Russian National Conference for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics, one of the biggest events in Europe, the most important scientific event in the field of NDT in Russia, held by the Society once every three years.

We invite you to take part in the largest Russian forum NDT Territory on March, 3-6, 2015!