Address: Russia Lit. O, 29, ul. Marshala Govorova, St. Peterburg

Phone number: +7 (812) 372-29-03

Fax number: +7 (812) 372-29-04



№ booth: С.08

Description of the company: Design and manufacture of devices and means of nondestructive testing of coatings and materials.Calibration of measuring instrument.

Kachestvo, SEC Kachestvo, SEC

Address: Russia Moscow, Leninsky pr. 63/2

Phone number: +7 495 777-41-02

Fax number: +7 495 744-70-51



№ booth: A.02

Description of the company: Group of companies “Kachestvo” provide full scale of services for companies working in field of non destructive testing, technical diagnostic, and industrial safety evaluation. NDT personnel certification in accordance to ISO 9712, EN4179, by all NDT methods. NDT personnel attestation in accordance to PB 03-440-02, mechanical properties evaluation personnel attestation. NTD and mechanical properties evaluation laboratory's attestation (PB 03-372-00) and evaluation of expert organizations.

Proceq Rus LLC Proceq Rus LLC

Address: Russia Optikov str. 4, korp.2, lit.A St. Petersburg

Phone number: + 7 812 448 35 00

Fax number: + 7 812 448 35 89


Web-site:, просек.рус

№ booth: C.04

Description of the company: Proceq, founded 60 years ago, manufactures high-quality portable testing instruments for the non-destructive testing of material properties of metal, concrete, rock, paper and composites. Proceq designs and manufactures its products in Switzerland and with its in-house Research and Development team continues to bring products to the market that set new standards for the industry. The Swiss company with subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore provides its international customers with excellent local support.


Address: Russia Moscow, Elektrozavodskaya str., 27, bld. 8

Phone number: +7(495)956-66-91

Fax number: +7(495)663-84-73



№ booth: D.01 - E.01

Description of the company: Olympus is a world leader in the production of instruments for nondestructive testing, which are widely used in various branches of industry and science. OLYMPUS INDUSTRIAL technologies: ultrasonic thickness gauges and flaw detectors, ultrasonic testing (phased array flaw detection), eddy current flaw detectors, industrial endoscopes, XRF analyzers of chemical composition.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd. Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.

Address: Russia Reutov, Moscow region, Yubileiny prospect 8, office XII

Phone number: 7 498 6619281

Fax number: 7 498 6616135



№ booth: C.02

Description of the company: The developer of the metal magnetic memory method (MMM). The new NDT technology is used in the 36 countries. Development of inspection techniques, guidance documents, Russian and International Standards in the sphere of NDT. Design and manufacturing of specialized inspection instruments and sensors for the MMM method. Training and Certification of NDT experts in MT, UT, ET, VT. Engineering diagnostics and equipment life estimation.

Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd. Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd.

Address: Moscow, Zagorievskaya str. 10, bldg. 4

Phone number: +7(495) 984-7462

Fax number: +7(495) 984-7462



№ booth: C.03

Description of the company: Our company "ACS, Ltd" ("Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd ") was established in 1991 in order to provide a base for scientific research in the acoustic testing field and also for creating competing equipment for nondestructive testing of various materials. Scientifical research Design and production of ultrasonic equipment: thickness meters and flaw detectors for metals thickness meters and flaw detectors for plastics and composite materials tomographical systems and flaw detectors for concrete testing thickness meters for manual EMA testing in airspace ind

Newcom-NDT, LLC Newcom-NDT, LLC

Address: Russia St.Petersburg, Nepokhorennyh pr., 49A

Phone number: +7 812 313 96 74

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: C.09

Description of the company: We specialize in solutions for radiography in non-destructive testing (NDT), supplies equipment and provides complete solutions for X-Ray inspection, consisting of X-Ray sources, manipulators, detectors, X-Ray protection cabinets, control electronics etc. Our own special X-Ray imaging software X-Vizor supports all types of devices: CR systems (image plate scanners), DR systems (flat panels), film digitizers, image intensifiers, line scan cameras and any TWAIN-devices, provides ADR function, searching of Duplex wire IQIs, welds, automatic calculation of BSR and SNR and many other functions

Mashproject Ltd Mashproject Ltd

Address: Russia Saint-Petersburg, Novgorodskaya street, 13

Phone number: +7(812)3375547

Fax number: +7(812)3375547



№ booth: A.01

Description of the company: NPP Mashproject specializes in manufacturing and supplying with precision instruments for non-destructive testing, flaw detection and technical diagnostics. Leading products are portable ultrasonic and dynamic hardness testers, ultrasonic thickness gauges and coating thickness gauges, ultrasonic and eddy current flaw detectors, consumables. The company develops and manufactures systems and means of control according to the technical description as well as sorts out NDT equipment and equips enterprises with it.


Address: Russia P.B.38, 124, Prospekt Mira

Phone number: +74957757525

Fax number: +74956166614



№ booth: D.08 - E.08

Description of the company: PERGAM is delivery and implementation of the following: • flowmeters for liquids and gases, humidity and oxygen analyzers • equipment for fluid and gas leak detection • industrial diagnostic equipment for NDT • diagnostic and testing equipment for power industry • mobile diagnostic solutions • thermal imaging systems for technical diagnostics, security, and surveillance Servicing Proprietary R&D Training and certification Membership in the Russian, German, Austrian, Italian, Swiss, and Kazakhstan NDT societies


Address: St.Petersburg PO Box 156

Phone number: +7 812 448-18-80

Fax number: +7 812 448-18-89



№ booth: C.10

Description of the company: ASK-ROENTGEN supplies products of the leading world producers for non-destructive testing: • GENERAL ELECTRIC Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH (US), • CHEMETALL GmbH (Germany), • HELMUT FISCHER GmbH (Germany). ASK-ROENTGEN has a certified service center, that immediately allows to provide any kind of works at the customer place.


Address: Russia Moscow, Nauchniy proezd 14a, Building 3

Phone number: +7 (495) 283-00-23

Fax number: +7 (495) 283-00-53



№ booth: F.13

Description of the company: Company SPE MONOTEST LLC is a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial and diagnostic equipment. It was founded in 2009 and has more than 30 employees at this moment. The company successfully implements integrated and innovative solutions for the most difficult tasks for non-destructive and destructive testing: • X-ray digital control sytems, • Ultrasonic and eddy current equipment, • Chemical analytical systems, • Inspection systems for tubing, • Testing equipment.

SPC "ECHO+" Limited SPC "ECHO+" Limited

Address: Russia Moscow, Tvardovskogo Street, 8, Technopark "STROGINO".

Phone number: +7 495 7809267

Fax number: +7 495 7809250



№ booth: C.06 - C.07

Description of the company: SPC "ECHO+" founded in 1991. Today is one of the leading organizations in the development and production of automated systems for ultrasonic NDT of pipelines and equipment.

JCK STC "Expert" JCK STC "Expert"

Address: Russia Gostinichny proezd 4B Moscow

Phone number: +7 (495) 972-88-55

Fax number: +7 (495) 660-49-68



№ booth: C.11

Description of the company: The main objective of the scientific and technical center "Expert" is providing a full range of services for non-destructive testing (NDT) laboratories. At present the main activities are production and supply of NDT equipment, and related services such as: ∙ NDT specialists and laboratories certification; ∙ NDT equipment supplying; ∙ NDT methods and processes Development; ∙ Metrological support of NDT equipment. We are ready to cooperate with Russian and foreign manufacturers of NDT equipment.


Address: Balashikha, mkr. Saltykovka, shosse Ilicha, 1

Phone number: 7 498 520 77 99

Fax number: +7(498)520-77-99



№ booth: F.12

Description of the company: Scientific-industrial Company "LUCH" concerns with the development and production the equipment for nondestructive testing. Company produces ultrasonic and eddy current flaw detectors, magnetic particles installations, thickness gauges, hardness testers and visual inspection kits. The company carries out verification and maintenance of equipment.


Address: Sankt Peterburg ul. Krasnoputilovskaya d. 69, Liter A

Phone number: 812 962 14 81

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: C.01

Description of the company: NOVOTEST develops and makes NDT instruments: metal, resin and plastic hardness gages, ultrasonic, electrolytic and magneto-powder defectoscopes, thickness meters and coating thickness meters, coating control instruments and building material control instruments, etc. Most positions in the NOVOTEST line today have the most remunerative price among analogs in Russia. In spite of the remunerative price, the NOVOTEST products meet all indispensable standards of quality, and its functional equipment quite often has the unique performances.

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