Address: Russia Lit. O, 29, ul. Marshala Govorova, St. Peterburg

Phone number: +7 (812) 372-29-03

Fax number: +7 (812) 372-29-04



№ booth: С.08

Description of the company: Design and manufacture of devices and means of nondestructive testing of coatings and materials.Calibration of measuring instrument.

Kachestvo, SEC Kachestvo, SEC

Address: Russia Moscow, Leninsky pr. 63/2

Phone number: +7 495 777-41-02

Fax number: +7 495 744-70-51



№ booth: A.02

Description of the company: Group of companies “Kachestvo” provide full scale of services for companies working in field of non destructive testing, technical diagnostic, and industrial safety evaluation. NDT personnel certification in accordance to ISO 9712, EN4179, by all NDT methods. NDT personnel attestation in accordance to PB 03-440-02, mechanical properties evaluation personnel attestation. NTD and mechanical properties evaluation laboratory's attestation (PB 03-372-00) and evaluation of expert organizations.

"LOCUS" Ltd. "LOCUS" Ltd.

Address: St. Petersburg, Pr. Nepokorennikh, 49, lit.A

Phone number: +7-812-429-49-57

Fax number: +7-812-429-49-57



№ booth: E.04

Description of the company: Developments, manufacturing and upgrade of ndt equipment. Sales and maintenance of equipment produced by TECNATOM, METALSCAN, COMET, VisiConsult, ATG, GALATEK, DolphiTech ,Opgal, CIVA software for ndt modelling - EXTENDE, film and consumables FUJIFILM.

Proceq Rus LLC Proceq Rus LLC

Address: Russia Optikov str. 4, korp.2, lit.A St. Petersburg

Phone number: + 7 812 448 35 00

Fax number: + 7 812 448 35 89


Web-site:, просек.рус

№ booth: C.04

Description of the company: Proceq, founded 60 years ago, manufactures high-quality portable testing instruments for the non-destructive testing of material properties of metal, concrete, rock, paper and composites. Proceq designs and manufactures its products in Switzerland and with its in-house Research and Development team continues to bring products to the market that set new standards for the industry. The Swiss company with subsidiaries in North and South America, United Kingdom, Russia, the Middle East, China and Singapore provides its international customers with excellent local support.



Phone number: +7(499)245-56-56

Fax number: +7(499)246-88-88



№ booth: C.08

Description of the company: Research Institute of Introscopy is of the world leaders in the field of NDT and technical diagnostic means development. Its general goal is to design diagnostic means that will maintain safety in technogenic, ecological and other spheres. within the Institute, there ara a number of specialized departments developing magnetic, eddy-current, acoustic, optical, thermal. radiographic, penetrant, vibrodiagnostic and other instruments for tests and diagnostics.


Address: Russia Moscow, Elektrozavodskaya str., 27, bld. 8

Phone number: +7(495)956-66-91

Fax number: +7(495)663-84-73



№ booth: D.01 - E.01

Description of the company: Olympus is a world leader in the production of instruments for nondestructive testing, which are widely used in various branches of industry and science. OLYMPUS INDUSTRIAL technologies: ultrasonic thickness gauges and flaw detectors, ultrasonic testing (phased array flaw detection), eddy current flaw detectors, industrial endoscopes, XRF analyzers of chemical composition.


Address: Russia Moscow, 2nd Baumanskaya street b. 5

Phone number: +7 (499) 263-67-83

Fax number: +7 (499) 267-34-56



№ booth: F.11

Description of the company: Certification of NDT personnel; certification of NDT laboratories; accreditation of expert organizations, certification of experts of technical diagnostics; examination of documents of the candidates of industrial safety experts; industrial safety expertise; energy audit; qualification improvement in different areas.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd. Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.

Address: Russia Reutov, Moscow region, Yubileiny prospect 8, office XII

Phone number: 7 498 6619281

Fax number: 7 498 6616135



№ booth: C.02

Description of the company: The developer of the metal magnetic memory method (MMM). The new NDT technology is used in the 36 countries. Development of inspection techniques, guidance documents, Russian and International Standards in the sphere of NDT. Design and manufacturing of specialized inspection instruments and sensors for the MMM method. Training and Certification of NDT experts in MT, UT, ET, VT. Engineering diagnostics and equipment life estimation.

Exposition Oil Gas Exposition Oil Gas

Address: Naberezhnye Chelny, Mira avenue, 3/14, Suite 145

Phone number: +7 (8552) 38-51-26

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: Exposition Oil & Gas – specialized scientific and technical magazine. We are publishing experts writings about introduction of technology, solutions to the problems faced by the chief engineer, technologist, constructors and metrologists. The journal is in the list of magazines of Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. Exposition Oil Gas is the only magazine in Russia and CIS countries, posted on our website the reports, photos and business contacts after exhibitions. Circulation – 10 000 copies.

ZAO "Camelot Publishing" ZAO "Camelot Publishing"

Address: Kievskoe shosse, BP Rumyantsevo, bldg.B, office 505B

Phone number: +7(495)240-54-57

Fax number: +7(495)240-54-57



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: Camelot Publishing media company working at the Oil&Gas press market since 2001 offer Your kind attention scientific and technical magazines "Gas Industry", "Neftegaz Territory", "Corrosion on the Territory of Neftegaz". Reliable and professional narrative of up-to-date industrial information, the scientific importance of articles, value in expert community is characteristic of each of these magazines entering in the list of Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (VAK).

Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd. Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd.

Address: Moscow, Zagorievskaya str. 10, bldg. 4

Phone number: +7(495) 984-7462

Fax number: +7(495) 984-7462



№ booth: C.03

Description of the company: Our company "ACS, Ltd" ("Acoustic Control Systems, Ltd ") was established in 1991 in order to provide a base for scientific research in the acoustic testing field and also for creating competing equipment for nondestructive testing of various materials. Scientifical research Design and production of ultrasonic equipment: thickness meters and flaw detectors for metals thickness meters and flaw detectors for plastics and composite materials tomographical systems and flaw detectors for concrete testing thickness meters for manual EMA testing in airspace ind


Address: Ekaterinburg, Taganskay str. 55A

Phone number: +7 (343) 2283432

Fax number: +7 (343) 2283434



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: Federal information and analytical magazine "RSP Expert" within six years of regular acquaints readers with news of transport, engineering and construction industries, normative documents. Articles published in the magazine are the articles of experts, and also historical essays. The magazine reflects many current topics of concern to active, intellectual and socially responsible citizens. Readership of Federal magazine "RSP Expert" are managers of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises with transport infrastructure, railway and road rolling stock.

Components and Technologies Components and Technologies

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Kamennoostrovsky pr., building 26-28, оf. 3

Phone number: +78124381538

Fax number: +78124381538



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: Components and Technologies is a scientific and technical magazine that informs its readers about domestic and worldwide electronic markets state and their development perspectives, as well as about firms operating on these markets. Fresh news, technological equipment that is used in manufacturing and tuning, features of new components application and schematic solutions are presented in this magazine. The magazine is intended for managers, professional developers and prepared amateurs. Circulation – 6 000 copies. Frequency - 12 issues per year, volume - 164 type page and more.

"Chemical Machinery", "Compressors and pneumatics" (magazines)) "Chemical Machinery", "Compressors and pneumatics" (magazines))

Address: St. Petersburg, Krasnogvardeyskaya Sq., 6, A

Phone number: +7 903 201 17 34

Fax number: +7 495 223 66 35



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: "Chemical machinery", interdisciplinary magazine for executives and senior specialists of industrial enterprises. Information Partner Councils chief engineers, chief power engineers and chief metrologists petrochemical and refining company distributes in Russia, the CIS and abroad by subscription, at specialized conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Format: Paper and electronic.,

FULCRUM, magazine

Address: Moscow, St. Trinity, D. 15, page 1

Phone number: +7 495 231 2114

Fax number: +7 495 231 2114



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: ALMEGA publishes business magazine FULCRUM. The major thematic issues of which are dedicated to the questions of power engineering, oil and gas complex, construction industry, security, housing and communal services and others. The magazine informs about industry’s important events, new production, innovations, contains reviews, feature-stories, interviews. It is distributed by the means of subscription, direct mail and at the biggest exhibitions and shows of Moscow.

Magazine Krylya Rodiny Magazine Krylya Rodiny

Address: Moscow, Elektrodnaya street, 4B, of.214

Phone number: (499)929-84-37

Fax number: (499)948-06-30



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: The Krylya Rodiny magazine is a monthly publication, with the first issue dating back to 1950. The main task of the magazine is to inform the reader about the current state, prospects of development of aviation in Russia and world aviation.

Magazine “Occupational Health in Industry”. Magazine “Occupational Health in Industry”.

Address: Moscow, Perevedenovsky Pereulok, Bld. 13, Block 1

Phone number: +7(495)620-47-44

Fax number: +7(495)620-47-44



№ booth: А-18

Description of the company: Monthly scientific-industrial magazine established. Magazine publishes materials about ecology, power industrial safety.

Newcom-NDT, LLC Newcom-NDT, LLC

Address: Russia St.Petersburg, Nepokhorennyh pr., 49A

Phone number: +7 812 313 96 74

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: C.09

Description of the company: We specialize in solutions for radiography in non-destructive testing (NDT), supplies equipment and provides complete solutions for X-Ray inspection, consisting of X-Ray sources, manipulators, detectors, X-Ray protection cabinets, control electronics etc. Our own special X-Ray imaging software X-Vizor supports all types of devices: CR systems (image plate scanners), DR systems (flat panels), film digitizers, image intensifiers, line scan cameras and any TWAIN-devices, provides ADR function, searching of Duplex wire IQIs, welds, automatic calculation of BSR and SNR and many other functions

LLC «Synthesis Co. Ltd» LLC «Synthesis Co. Ltd»

Address: Russia Saint-Petersburg, Chugunnaya, 20

Phone number: +7 812-324-65-32

Fax number: +7 812-324-65-32



№ booth: F.01

Description of the company: "Sinthesis NPF" Co. Ltd is developer and manufacturer of safe portable x-ray generators of constant potential for industrial radiography, for non-destructive control of welds and various assemblies. At the same time we are developing x-ray machines for scientific labs and mining enterprises. According to the license we design, project and produce X-ray protection cabinets from modular construction. This means that all pieces of X-ray Protection cabinet may be delivered through standard doorways to the Customer site and assembled by our specialists on the site.

Mashproject Ltd Mashproject Ltd

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Vatutina street, 17 letter K

Phone number: +7(812)3375547

Fax number: +7(812)3375547



№ booth: A.01

Description of the company: NPP Mashproject specializes in manufacturing and supplying with precision instruments for non-destructive testing, flaw detection and technical diagnostics. Leading products are portable ultrasonic and dynamic hardness testers, ultrasonic thickness gauges and coating thickness gauges, ultrasonic and eddy current flaw detectors, consumables. The company develops and manufactures systems and means of control according to the technical description as well as sorts out NDT equipment and equips enterprises with it.


Address: Russia P.B.38, 124, Prospekt Mira

Phone number: +74957757525

Fax number: +74956166614



№ booth: D.08 - E.08

Description of the company: PERGAM is delivery and implementation of the following: • flowmeters for liquids and gases, humidity and oxygen analyzers • equipment for fluid and gas leak detection • industrial diagnostic equipment for NDT • diagnostic and testing equipment for power industry • mobile diagnostic solutions • thermal imaging systems for technical diagnostics, security, and surveillance Servicing Proprietary R&D Training and certification Membership in the Russian, German, Austrian, Italian, Swiss, and Kazakhstan NDT societies


Address: Moscow, Kolskaya str., bld. 8

Phone number: +7 495 6275785

Fax number: +7 495 6275783



№ booth: F.04

Description of the company: X-Ray NDT inspection equipment. Portable X-Ray systems SMART EVO by YXLON International A/S, Denmark. Stationary X-Ray systems, universal X-Ray inspection systems and microfocus systems for electronic components inspection by YXLON International GmbH., Germany. X-Ray film by FUJI. Evaluating machines by Colenta. KOWOLUX negatoscopes.

ALTA-RUS, s.r.o. ALTA-RUS, s.r.o.

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Parkovaya str., 9

Phone number: 8 (812) 611-11-79

Fax number: -



№ booth: D.04

Description of the company: Company ALTA-RUS was founded by the company АLTA (Czech Republic) in 2010 in Moscow where her branch. Also, the branch office is located in St. Petersburg. The head office is located in Ekaterinburg. ALTA-RUS supplies machine tools and technological equipment in mechanical engineering and Metalworking, metallurgical industry, mining industry and manufacture of building materials, non-destructive testing equipment

RTS "Testing and Diagnostics RTS "Testing and Diagnostics

Address: Russia Moscow, Volgogradsky prospect, house 183, Building 2.

Phone number: +7(499) 741-60-12

Fax number: +7(495) 372-83-52



№ booth: D.06

Description of the company: RTS "Testing and Diagnostics

Publishing house “Spektr” Publishing house “Spektr”

Address: Moscow, Usacheva str., build. 35/1

Phone number: +7 (495) 514-76-50

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: We publish: scientific and technical, educational, productive and practical, reference and popular scientific literature, catalogues, leaflets, thesis on conference etc. Our themes: theory, engineering, structure, technology of production, non-destructive testing, exploitation of machines and equipments, used in different fields of industry, agriculture, vehicles and others. Our specialization: complex text, tables, formulas, a great amount of figures, complicated illustration.


Address: St.Petersburg PO Box 156

Phone number: +7 812 448-18-80

Fax number: +7 812 448-18-89



№ booth: C.10

Description of the company: ASK-ROENTGEN supplies products of the leading world producers for non-destructive testing: • GENERAL ELECTRIC Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH (US), • CHEMETALL GmbH (Germany), • HELMUT FISCHER GmbH (Germany). ASK-ROENTGEN has a certified service center, that immediately allows to provide any kind of works at the customer place.


Address: Russia Moscow, Nauchniy proezd 14a, Building 3

Phone number: +7 (495) 283-00-23

Fax number: +7 (495) 283-00-53



№ booth: F.13

Description of the company: Company SPE MONOTEST LLC is a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial and diagnostic equipment. It was founded in 2009 and has more than 30 employees at this moment. The company successfully implements integrated and innovative solutions for the most difficult tasks for non-destructive and destructive testing: • X-ray digital control sytems, • Ultrasonic and eddy current equipment, • Chemical analytical systems, • Inspection systems for tubing, • Testing equipment.

The Advertising Informational Agency “Standards and Quality” The Advertising Informational Agency “Standards and Quality”

Address: Moscow, Masterkova str. 4

Phone number: +7(495)771-66-52

Fax number: +7(495)771-66-53



№ booth: Press

Description of the company: Publication and distribution of the magazines: «Standards and Quality», «Business Excellence», «Methods of Quality Management», «Production Quality Control», «The Quality in Construction» and «The World of Measurement»; books including educational and training editions, CD-versions of products on standardization, metrology, certification, quality control, technical regulation, and ecology.

SPC "ECHO+" Limited SPC "ECHO+" Limited

Address: Russia Moscow, Tvardovskogo Street, 8, Technopark "STROGINO".

Phone number: +7 495 7809267

Fax number: +7 495 7809250



№ booth: C.06 - C.07

Description of the company: SPC "ECHO+" founded in 1991. Today is one of the leading organizations in the development and production of automated systems for ultrasonic NDT of pipelines and equipment.


Address: Russia St.Petersburg, ul. Gzhatskaya, 21/A

Phone number: +7 (812) 448-18-49

Fax number: +7 (812) 448-18-46



№ booth: F.10

Description of the company: "SYNTEZ NDT" designs and manufactures portable and stationary x-ray units for non-destructive testing and appliances for them. Portable X-Ray units "RPD". Stationary X-Ray units "Bastion". X-Ray units for crawlers.

Techsovet Magazine Techsovet Magazine

Address: 1006, 81 st. Lunacharskogo , Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Phone number: +7343287-50-34

Fax number: +7343287-50-34



№ booth: A18

Description of the company: The advertisement and information magazine Techsovet is well known as a comprehensive source of highly reliable information to some 12,000 top executives in major industrial companies in the Russian Ural region. Advertiser Benefits • Distribution: throughout the Ural region with a focus on major industrial centers. • Direct delivery to top executives and technical experts. • Participation in leading industrial exhibitions. • Timely content of high interest to our readership. • Full-color printing. • Flexible ad purchase options.

JCK STC "Expert" JCK STC "Expert"

Address: Russia Gostinichny proezd 4B Moscow

Phone number: +7 (495) 972-88-55

Fax number: +7 (495) 660-49-68



№ booth: C.11

Description of the company: The main objective of the scientific and technical center "Expert" is providing a full range of services for non-destructive testing (NDT) laboratories. At present the main activities are production and supply of NDT equipment, and related services such as: ∙ NDT specialists and laboratories certification; ∙ NDT equipment supplying; ∙ NDT methods and processes Development; ∙ Metrological support of NDT equipment. We are ready to cooperate with Russian and foreign manufacturers of NDT equipment.


Address: Balashikha, mkr. Saltykovka, shosse Ilicha, 1

Phone number: 7 498 520 77 99

Fax number: +7(498)520-77-99



№ booth: F.12

Description of the company: Scientific-industrial Company "LUCH" concerns with the development and production the equipment for nondestructive testing. Company produces ultrasonic and eddy current flaw detectors, magnetic particles installations, thickness gauges, hardness testers and visual inspection kits. The company carries out verification and maintenance of equipment.


Address: Bld. 20B, Entuziastov shosse, Moscow, Russia

Phone number: +7 495 361-76-73

Fax number: +7 495 361-76-73



№ booth: D.01

Description of the company: -Development and manufacture of nondestructive testing equipment; -Development and manufacture of integrated diagnostic monitoring systems; -Conducting of applied scientific research, intellectual support of non-destructive testing; -Development of regulatory guidance documents. Our main business is development and manufacture of unique acoustic emission equipment. The company's products are registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

OOO Obedinennaya Svarochnaya Kompaniya OOO Obedinennaya Svarochnaya Kompaniya

Address: Moskva 22 y kilometr Kievskogo shosse p.Moskovskiy , DVLD 4, stroenie 2

Phone number: 7 495 506 63 54

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: D.02

Description of the company: JSC "United Welding Company" - dynamically developing enterprise that implements a systematic approach to the promotion and sales of the latest equipment in the field of non-destructive testing.

Journal Datchiki i sistemy (Sensors & Systems)

Address: Moscow Profsoyuznaya, d. 65, IPU RAS

Phone number: +7495 330 42 66

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: A 01, A 02

Description of the company: A monthly scientific and practical journal. The journal addresses the needs of industrial specialists, users of sensors and measuring devices, scientists, designers of sensors, instruments and systems, process and control engineers, teachers, post-graduates and students. We publish comprehensive information about sensors and measuring, control and monitoring devices and systems. WoS. Subscription indices: from Rospechat agency catalogue – 79363; from Pressa Rossii - 40874.

MAgazine Equipment and Tools for Professionals

Address: Kharkiv Malo Panasovskaya str., 4/7,ofis 39

Phone number: +380 57 712 20 40

Fax number: +380 57 712 20 40



№ booth: O.00

Description of the company: International information and technology full-color A4 format Magazine “Equipment and Tools for Professionals. Metalworking” been published since 2000 and is over 120 pages in volume. The circulation figurers are 10,000 copies 6 Issues a year. Target groups: Management and leading powermen, technologists, metallurgists, welders, supply agents of machine building plants, metallurgical works and other industrial enterprises, research officers, university teachers and students.


Address: Sankt Peterburg ul. Krasnoputilovskaya d. 69, Liter A

Phone number: 812 962 14 81

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: C.01

Description of the company: NOVOTEST develops and makes NDT instruments: metal, resin and plastic hardness gages, ultrasonic, electrolytic and magneto-powder defectoscopes, thickness meters and coating thickness meters, coating control instruments and building material control instruments, etc. Most positions in the NOVOTEST line today have the most remunerative price among analogs in Russia. In spite of the remunerative price, the NOVOTEST products meet all indispensable standards of quality, and its functional equipment quite often has the unique performances.


Address: Russia Russian

Phone number: 7 495 4119900

Fax number: не указан


Web-site: не указан

№ booth: E.09

Description of the company: Implementation of engineering production projects in the scope of fine electromechanics.

Guangzhou Doppler Electronic Technologies Co Ltd Guangzhou Doppler Electronic Technologies Co Ltd

Address: China Doppler building, No.1501 Kaichuang Avenue, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China

Phone number: +86(20)-8226 0495

Fax number: +86(20)-8208 6200



№ booth: F.09

Description of the company: Doppler is a leading manufacturer to provide high performance nondestructive testing instruments & transducers, dedicate to build a renowned world brand of ultrasound. Doppler was established in 2008, located in Guangzhou, China, certified as National High-tech Enterprise. The ultrasonic inspection system for detecting the presence, magnitude and position of flaws in materials. Our products are designed to apply for non-destructive testing on materials like pipeline corrosions & weld defects, GIS conductor weld cracks, aerospace composite material defects, railway tracks & wheel defects, steel plate cracks etc.


Address: KHotkovo Zavodskaya,

Phone number: (495) 993-00-11

Fax number: (49654) 3-82-94



№ booth: G.01

Description of the company: CRISM JSC is the leading Russian enterprise in design and quality diagnostics of polymer composite structures for rocket & space technology, mechanical engineering and other industries.

SPHERE. Oil and Gas SPHERE. Oil and Gas

Address: Bld. 271, Obuhovscoy oborony pr., Saint Petersburg

Phone number: 78126333067

Fax number: 78126333067



№ booth: А.14

Description of the company: All-Russian industry informational and technical journal which covers all areas of OGI and FEC,is published since 2005. SPHERE. Oil & Gas, journal is a partner of the leading exhibition companies in Russia and the CIS. Permanent participant of the largest and the most well-known events. Distribution: industrial exhibitions in Russia and the CIS,sectoral distribution, electronic version of journal.

ID Vestnik promyshlennosti

Address: Moskva Gostinichnyy proezd, d. 8, korp. 1

Phone number: 74956455691

Fax number: не указан


Web-site: не указан

№ booth: --

Description of the company: Publishes specialize information and analytical magazines «The Bulletin of Industry, business and finance» - special edition for key sectors of the domestic industry, innovation, business services and financial analytics and «The Interregional industry and trade» - publication dedicated to industrial and trading cooperation of regions of Russia with Kazakhstan, Belarus, CIS countries and Far abroad. Published specialized newspaper "The Bulletin of industry" and "The Bulletin of the business." Topics: agriculture, energy, engineering, metal, industrial equipment, Metrology, construction, logistics.

Publishing House "Liteinoye Proizvodstvo" Publishing House "Liteinoye Proizvodstvo"

Address: Moscow Martenovskaya street, 39-2-4

Phone number: 8 (495) 303-85-81

Fax number: 8 (495) 303-85-81



№ booth: -

Description of the company: Journals «Liteinoye proizvodstvo», «Foundryman’s Library», «Metallurgy of Machinery Construction» enjoy not only personal, but also collective subscription by plants, research institutes, related-profile companies, libraries and specialized higher educational institutes. The targest readers of our publications include specialists in metallurgy, machine building, blanc production. The journals are disributed by subscriptions, and additional circulations and electronic versions - at exibitions and conferences, so that the number of subscribes multiplies by several dozens of times.


Address: Moskva Profsoyuznaya, 108

Phone number: 7 495 232 00 87

Fax number: не указан



№ booth: A.14

Description of the company: «Modern electronics» is the leading journal for specialists, managers and heads of the enterprises, engaged development and manufacture of electronic technique. You can find information about electronic components, units, modules and devices, systems of designing and modeling in the journal. Interesting news from the whole world about scientific and technological achievements in the field of electronics also presented. The free-of-charge subscription for specialists is provided.

Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Sales Office No. 25 Huifeng Rd, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Phone number: 0086 311 85235689

Fax number: 0086-311-85235689



№ booth: E.06

Description of the company: Zhongke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of NDT equipments with independent intellectual property rights. Zhongke has been working on R&D of Ultrasonic technology for over 30 years. Now Zhongke has different series of NDT products, such as Phased Array Detector, TOFD Detector, Conventional Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, EMAT Detector and Online Automatic Inspection Systems for Pipe, Tube, Plate, Bars, Vessel, Automobile Parts and etc. Zhongke also has committed to provide the customers with various kinds of all-round, efficient, steady, reliable ultrasonic solutions!

JSC «NIKIMT-Аtomstroy» JSC «NIKIMT-Аtomstroy»

Address: Moscow, Altufjevskoe shosse st., h. 43, bld. 2

Phone number: +7 (495) 411-65-50

Fax number: +7 (495) 411-65-52



№ booth: C.05

Description of the company: The company has more than 50 years of experience in the field of nondestructive testing. Main directions of activity: performing the functions of the leading material-study organization of the SC “Rosatom” on control of base metal and welded joints; development of technologies and means of nondestructive testing, including automated; development and approval of technological processes for non-destructive and laboratory methods of control; training and certification of personnel, completion of training centers; certification and completion of non-destructive testing laboratories.

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