Business programm

Business Programm

Target audience: organizations using NDT equipment and technologies, developers of NDT technologies, NDT equipment manufacturers, laboratories, service centres, training organizations, certification cents, research institutes.

The objectives of the business program:

- Presentation of NDT new equipment and innovative technologies

- Presentation of NDT complex solutions

- Discussion on application of various types of equipment

- Developing proposals on effective interaction between producers and consumers of NDT equipment and technologies
- Developing suggestions of improving the procedure and terms of implementation of equipment, innovations, technologies and materials into existing and future projects

- Point of views exchange

- Commercial issues solution

- Cooperation and joint projects discussion

Business programm is scheduled to be in the format of round tables and meetings on the topic sections of the Forum.

Planning and organization of the business program is carried out by the Organizing Committee of the Forum on the basis of proposals from manufacturers and developers, research and educational organizations, equipment technologies consumers, taking into account the target installation.

The activities are:
• round tables;
• business meetings at the stands of the Forum expositions

Within the business programm are planned:

• reports and speeches of heads (representatives) of relevant Ministries and agencies, leading scientific and educational centers, industry, manufacturers and developers
• round tables and business meetings discussions on the development of scientific and technical backlog, introduction of hi-tech developments, technologies and materials Heads (representatives) of State corporations, Russian Academy of Science, institutions of higher professional education, research institutation as well as enterprises that use NDT technology and equipment in their activities and production are invited to participate in the business program.

Branch Topics:

1.       Aviation

2.       Space

3.       Atomic Inductry

4.       Oil & Gas Complex

5.       Power Engineering

6.       Railway Transport

7.       Metallugry and Mechanical Engineering

8.       Construction amd Communal Services

9.       Welding

10.   Industrial Safety

Special Topics:

1.       Antiterrorist Security

2.       Medical Disgnostics

3.       Metrology and Technical Regulations

4.       Education and Certification

5.       Standartization

6.       Coating Control

7.       Section of Young Participants

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